It’s None of Your Business

I never discuss abortion.  Well, until now.

I never discussed abortion in the past because it was none of my business.  It is a legal procedure for any woman who must come to terms with making the excruciating decision to end a pregnancy.

Her reasons for ending that pregnancy are none of my business.

I don’t live her life.  I don’t know about her finances.  I don’t know about her relationships.  I don’t know about her health.  I don’t know about her capacity or resources to raise a child.  I don’t know if she has been raped or abused.

I know nothing of her heartache or pain.  So, it is none of my business.

But thanks to the Republicans in many state legislators, it has now become my business.  And yours.  Now we all have to weigh in and share our opinions about what a woman should or should not be allowed to do about her own body and her own life.

I was sixteen years old when the Supreme Court made it legal for a woman to get an abortion.  I am now sixty two.  I have never had to think about what it would be like if abortions were illegal again.  Through the child bearing years of me and my friend’s lives, abortion has been a legal option for those who needed it.  I have never had to contemplate this decision.  But I know plenty of people who have.

And not once, not one single time did I judge those who had this procedure done.  Because it was their decision to make.  Not mine.

No one is pro-abortion.  No one wants to end a pregnancy.  No one is using abortion as birth control.  But extenuating circumstances that are not easy, black and white issues, make it imperative that women have this as a legal and safe option.

By making it illegal, you won’t stop abortions from happening.  You will simply create a black market for the procedure and turn women and doctors into criminals.  Women will be relegated to the dark corners to secretly find a way.  And they will be harmed by this.  Both physically and mentally.

So, why now?  Forty three years has passed.  And all this legal wrangling to make getting an abortion a crime has been in the works for all of those forty three years.  Finally, all that hard work is paying off.

All of the stars have lined up perfectly for the pro-birth crowd.  Through gerrymandering and voter suppression, they have been able to get themselves elected to political office.  They have had the help of the Senate Majority Leader who, in my mind, is the most dangerous man in America.  But, boy, is he smart.  By not allowing the Senate to vote on Merrick Garland and through the election of Individual-1, SML was able to push through not one but two Supreme Court justices and countless other conservative judges who can help move things along as the lawsuits make their way up the judicial line.

“It can’t happen here.”

Well, yes it can.  And it is happening.  You can sit there all comfy if you like.  But make no mistake – our democracy, our freedom and our American government, as laid out by the founders, is being dismantled right before our eyes.

The abortion issue is just one piece of it.

Are you going to wait it out some more?  First we were waiting on the Mueller Report.  Then we were waiting on the mid-term elections.  Now we are waiting on the 2020 elections.

Meanwhile, the minority Christian right is hard at work.  Making America in their image.  It matters not that the majority of us are against their agenda.  They have that all figured out.  And their plan is working perfectly.

Do I sound paranoid to you?  I bet I do.  I bet the good people of Germany in the 30’s thought some were paranoid.  And probably many in Afghanistan and Iran.  And the Philippines.  Hungary.  Venezuela.  And all the other countries where authoritarian regimes took over.

What comes next?  Once abortions are outlawed?  Will they reverse gay marriage? Of course they will.  Why wouldn’t they?  And it won’t end there.

Your decision to get an abortion is none of my damn business.  Just as it should be.  And I’m pissed off that I even have to type that.  It’s 2019 and it is inconceivable to me that we have to fight this battle again.

But, we do.  We need to fight it tooth and nail.

One thought on “It’s None of Your Business

  1. Jennifer Wall

    I couldn’t agree more. And as you said, where will it end? I have no need or an abortion and never have, thankfully, but like you have known people who have due to varied circumstances. And anyone who said “this doesn’t affect me” is 100% wrong – once they start making decisions as to what a woman can or can’t do with her body, what comes next?


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