Outrage Overload

Happy New Year.  I’ve been otherwise occupied since early December so writing about Donald Trump hasn’t been at the top of my to-do list.

And frankly, I’m just exhausted.  Maintaining the level of outrage required during this time in our history just takes a lot out of you.  Right?  It really makes me understand how people in countries where this stuff is the norm, just plug along without raising too much of a ruckus.  They can’t maintain the level of intensity to fight over it.

I suppose that is the goal of the dictators and authoritarians.  They don’t have to beat us into submission.  All they have to do is keep at it until we all succumb over time because we’re just too tired from the non-stop drama.

For all his faults, Trump is masterful at it.  He crams so many outrageous and dangerous acts into a week that we just can’t absorb all of it.  Being upset, angry, outraged and engaged is a full time job.

Two years ago we had so much energy.  There were marches and demonstrations.  We were all calling our representatives on a daily basis to let them know how angry we were.  There were people camped out at the offices of absent legislators.  New activist groups grew up over night.  I had a steady supply of poster board and colored markers so I could make signs for whatever topic was needed that week.  Women’s March, March for Science, March for Our Lives.  One of my favorite signs was “Protesting is the new brunch”.

I joined Women’s March Minnesota and was promptly given the job of co-event-planner.  I was pretty psyched about it.  But it quickly became too much.  I had a full time job, a huge motorcycle event to plan and just the stuff you do to keep your life going.  I finally had to back away.

So, here we are.  Two years into this national nightmare.  Trump is bolder than ever and tearing away at our democracy and our standing in the world every single day.  It is almost impossible to be surprised anymore.

I fully believe he is capable of anything.  And there are only two things that will stop him, short of death.

  1. Republican leaders finally stop enabling him and stand against him.
  2. He loses re-election.

Notice I didn’t mention Robert Mueller?

I believe Mueller has so much stuff on Trump, his company, his children, his supporters and Putin that it will warrant immediate indictment (stuff it DOJ memo) and impeachment, followed by jail time.  Yes, I do.

But it won’t matter if the Republicans don’t turn against him publicly.   Mitch McConnell has shown us time and time again that he will not stand up to Trump.  And while I’m thinking about it – Gee thanks, Kentucky.  What did the rest of us ever do to you that you felt the need to keep electing this horribly divisive man to represent your state and thus, able to terrorize the rest of us?

So, are we stuck with Trump?  Are we helpless?  Do we have to keep waiting for something big to happen?

Or do we make something big happen first?

We have to get our collective outrage back.  This is our country.  Despite the corruption, cronyism, gerrymandering, voter suppression, greed, power grabbing and back room shenanigans that led us to this point in history – We, the people, still matter.

And while the partial Blue Wave was nice, it wasn’t enough.  Nancy Pelosi and her band of cussing, dancing congresswomen can only do so much.  And poor old RBG is hanging on with all she’s got.  That woman shouldn’t be carrying the load brought about by our lack of attention and laziness.

The Evil Doers can’t take our country away from us unless we let them.  And so far, we have just barely been vocal enough.  These days we manage to give into our outrage between carpool and yoga class.  Between our commute home and the start of Rachel Maddow.

That isn’t cutting it.

We all need to get back to that level of OUTRAGE we felt in January 2017.

Take to the streets.

Call your legislators every single day.  Make it a habit, like brushing your teeth.

Stand up to the enemy whoever and wherever you find them.  Quit trying to be nice to your crazy, Trump-loving relatives.  They don’t deserve your kindness.  They should feel shame for what they have wrought and we need to quit giving them a pass as if supporting this dangerous man is the same as supporting Bush (either) or Reagan.  It isn’t even close.

Volunteer for something, anything that may help get our government back.

Be loud and outrageous and angry and obnoxious.

This is serious business folks.  We can’t wait for Mueller, Nancy or RBG to fix this problem for us.

This is on us.

Stay hydrated and let the outrage commence.


2 thoughts on “Outrage Overload

  1. Matt Branson

    Republicans will not turn against Trump in public or in private. I think there is this perception that they are afriad of him or tolerate him in a Machiavellian play to get whatever they want.

    In reality, they agree with him and support him. He is the quintessential modern Republican. Amoral, fiscally irresponsible, hypocritical, wrapped in a flag he refused to defend and hanging on the cross of a god he does not even attempt to emulate. Yep. That’s him and that’s Republicans.

    So sure. DJT will leave one way or the other in 2 or 6 years (The Senate will never impeach). The philosophy will remain however as DJT is just the manifestation of republican desires.

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