Welcome to Strange Land

I’m not new to this blogging thing.  I spent several years chronicling my passage through grief after the sudden death of my fiancé.   It became my therapy.  It was cheap and it worked.

Starting this blog has actually been a lot harder.  I didn’t think anyone would really care to read my thoughts about the current state of our country.  Who the hell am I?  While I could write quite thoroughly on the topic of grief, writing about our politics and culture doesn’t come as easily.

But I’m going to do it anyway.

I woke up the morning after “The Election” (as it will forever be known by those who lived through it), feeling completely disoriented.  And enormously sad.  I couldn’t work so I went for a walk.  I live along the Mississippi River in the Twin Cities.  I walked for miles.  And every so often I would stop at a bench and stare at the river.

I just couldn’t believe that I lived in a place were the likes of Donald Trump could actually get elected as President.  And yet, here we are.  Almost two years in.  And it’s even more chaotic and insane than I could have imagined back on November 9th, 2016.

During “The Election”, I watched as the media gave him millions of dollars worth of free advertising.  It was all about ratings and Trump was ratings gold.  What ridiculous, outlandish thing would he say next?  Let’s all tune in to see!  And then he started winning primaries.  And then he won the nomination.

There were 17 other candidates on the Republican side.  And one by one, they were gone.  Any one of them would have made a better President (well, except for maybe Ben Carson, bless his heart).  Kasich, Bush, Rubio.  Sure.  Why not?  But we got Trump.

How the hell did that happen?  Well, we know bits and pieces of what happened and none of them are good.  I won’t rehash it all here.  Books have already been written about it and more come out weekly.

My plan is to attempt to stay a little bit current here.  Which is difficult.  Trump and his minions are masters at manipulating the news cycle.  If it isn’t going to his liking they just throw a cherry bomb into the middle of it so we’ll all look in a different direction.

There are so many places to visit in this Strange Land.  I’m not sure where to start.

Why people (my own friends and family) still support him?

Sexual assault and the war on women?

I better get to it.  There is much to be said.



One thought on “Welcome to Strange Land

  1. Russ Kestenbaum

    Being a white male senior citizen I am ashamed of others of my ilk. I am embarrassed that these types of hatred and purveyors of discrimination against good people including those women, LBGTQ, black & brown skinned people and all others I am proud to call friends still occur in our country. Yes, even now I call it my country but definitely don’t call those in power my elected leaders. We need to keep persuading people to vote as that is the only way to speed up the change that is needed in the elected officials who are supposed to represent us. Vote and keep the discussions in public alive.. We will never give up because the world is slowly changing and soon the minorities will no longer be the minority…


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